Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical Engineering Services In Medford And Redding

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Since its beginning in 1978, ArcSine has specialized in electrical systems ranging from the preparation of load calculations for obtaining building permits to modifications of a 180,000-horsepower wind tunnel drive system. Our work includes the design of power distribution systems up to 115,000 volts, hydroelectric plants, cogeneration installations, detailed design of electrical and electronic control systems, configuration and programming, and a wide range of lighting design services, from general illumination to enhanced custom lighting. ArcSine provides complete electrical engineering services, from preliminary design through startup and checkout. ArcSine’s electrical design work includes motor control, adjustable-speed drives, standby power, substation design, short-circuit calculations, design of ground grids, and protective device coordination. Our projects have included skillful integration of new facilities with existing facilities, with special attention to construction sequencing to maintain facility operation.

Essentials of ArcSine’s Electrical Designs:

  • Electrical Application Knowledge
  • Cost Estimating and Economic Analysis
  • Energy Efficiency Analysis
  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements
  • Coordination with Electric Utilities

ArcSine excels in the following:

  • Providing Customer Service
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Quality Control
  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Cost Control