HVAC Engineering Services

HVAC Engineering Services In Medford And Redding One of ArcSine's HVAC Engineering projects in Medford, Oregon.

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ArcSine has completed many HVAC Engineering projects.

Working from our offices in Medford, Oregon and Redding, California, we have completed HVAC Engineering projects throughout Oregon and California.

ArcSine Engineering has extensive experience in HVAC system design for both new and renovation projects. System requirements must be evaluated and then the appropriate systems are selected and incorporated in the design. Renovation projects usually require a site visit to evaluate the existing equipment and it’s applicability to the new use. New systems can include some of the options described below.


There are a number of alternative mechanical systems which can be specified depending on the application.

  • Packaged Rooftop VAV: This system consists of a single large rooftop unit with VAV boxes for each zone. Each VAV box has a thermostat and heating coil that give multiple zones control from a single air-handling unit.
  • Four-Pipe Fan Coil System: This system uses multiple fan coils, each with a heating coil and cooling coil. Heating is provided with a hot water boiler and cooling with an air-cooled chiller. Hot and cold water are piped around the building to each fan coil.
  • Single Zone System: This system uses multiple independent rooftop or split systems each serving a single zone. The outdoor heat pumps are connected to an indoor fan coil with refrigerant piping. The indoor unit is usually visible in the space, either mounted on the wall, ceiling, or floor.
  • Variable-Refrigerant Flow System: This system uses multiple indoor units connected to large outdoor heat pump units. Heating and cooling energy are transferred through the building with refrigerant instead of hot and/or cold water. Pumps are not required and the piping is usually much smaller.