Mechanical Engineering Services

Mechanical Engineering Services In Medford And Redding

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We have experience in the design of energy-efficient HVAC systems, clean rooms, high-purity piping systems, fire protection, plumbing systems, humidification, water piping systems, industrial waste collection and treatment, and sanitary waste collection. We also perform services during construction, submittal reviews, coordination with contractors, on-site inspection, and assistance with startup. ArcSine designs systems that are tailored to the needs of the project. We avoid oversizing equipment in order to lower capital costs, and we improve energy efficiency. We pay close attention to the future needs of a project and include provisions for expansion in our designs. Our combined electrical, mechanical, and control systems engineering capabilities give us the ability to produce well-integrated and energy-efficient designs.

ArcSine excels in the following:

  • Coordinating with other Disciplines
  • Providing Customer Service
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Quality Control
  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Cost Control
  • Title 24/LEED Coordination