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NASA-Ames Research Center - Arc Jet Facilities

Job: 9614.02

City: Moffett Field
State: CA
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For the Arc Jet Facilities of the Thermophysics Branch at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, ArcSine first developed a master plan in 1995, and has been providing continuous support and upgrades in line with that plan.  This facility was integral to support NASA's space shuttle fleet, as well as an essential test facility for the next generation Crew Exploration Vehicle, the shuttle's replacement.

A representative project was the 60-megawatt dc power supply rectifier module replacement and control system integration.  The project consisted of conceptual design, final design, programming, and start up and testing for the control system.  A related project, added six dc rectifier modules rated 6,000V, 4,000 amps each.