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NASA-Ames Research Center - TP3 Arc Heater

Job: 1231.00

City: Moffett Field
State: CA
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The Ames TP3 heater is an Arc heater which was relocated from Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas to the Arc Jet complex, Aerodynamic Heating Facility (AHF) test bay at Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California.  This facility has been the R&D testing facility for tiles which have been used on space re-entry vehicles (shuttle).

ArcSine Engineering designed power distribution, motor controls, and hardwired safety relay logic for the Argon, nitrogen, oxygen, and CO2 gas systems, ventilation and exhaust systems of the test bay, test chamber, and basement area.  ArcSine also performed all associated programming of the PLC and HMI screen development.