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Yuba City Digester, Dewatering, and Electrical Facility Improvements

Job: 1703.00

City: Yuba City
State: CA
Type of Work:
Type of Facility:
Type of Systems:

ArcSine performed detailed evaluations of the Plant Instrumentation, Control Systems, and Power Distribution Systems in support of developing Technical Memoranda (TM) recommending proposed improvements.  Collaborative workshops with the City resulted in decisions comprising the basis for the ultimate design scope.  ArcSine's design included replacement of five site distribution 12kV transformers and associated substations, wholesale process and electrical improvements to the headworks, digester, and sludge dewatering processes, including new 480-volt MCC's, demolition and replacement of aging MCC's in the Grit, Return Activated Sludge (RAS) and chlorine processes, integration of a new Secondary Clarifier (electrical and controls), and design of 4 new plant PLC control panels.